Movie/ Music/ Books Organization Resource

One of the most difficult things in my current position is keeping our movies organized. Every month, I plan several movies for nursing staff to show to the residents while I’m in other activities. Every Monday, we have BINGO, and I schedule a musical to show. Each Wednesday, we have game night, and I schedule a comedy or documentary to show, depending on the month. And every other Sunday, I’m off, so I schedule a classic movie for staff to show. Scheduling 10 or more movies each month can be a huge task if your movie collection is a mess; not only is it difficult to plan a movie because of the sheer number in your collection, if you can think of a movie to show, you can’t find it, and you end up showing the same movie over and over. I previously tried to organize these manually by creating a spreadsheet and typing in each movie’s title and genre. As you can probably imagine, this was a nightmare. I couldn’t keep up with it, it took ages to enter in each movie, and I often enter in the same movie multiple times. It was simply NOT working out.

About a week ago, I discovered an app that lets you scan the UPC/ barcode on the movie’s case, and it creates an amazing database of your entire collection, including the title, genres, format, runtime, studio, actors, director, year, photos of the cover, and so much more. It took me less than an hour to scan in almost 300 movies, and with purchase of the premium app, you can then export all this data into an excel sheet, which I then applied filters to and I can now sort all this information however I want. I have been sorting by genre and choosing movies that way in order to schedule the next few months. I added a “Last Shown” column to track when I last showed each movie to each unit of residents to ensure variety. While I’ve only been using a short time, I am absolutely in love and it’s probably the most efficient resource I’ve found for planning. The best part: they also have versions for music, books, collections, game boards, etc. I’m going to tackle the cd collection next, and when I get me own department, I’ll use the books version to help track a library system (the facility I work now has a librarian, but I know that is incredibly uncommon).

If you frequently show movies to your residents, or you just want to keep track of your personal collection, or your facility’s collection, check out the app and let me know what you think. Do you have a system that works for you? Have you discovered any features in the app that you think could be helpful to others? Share your methods and thoughts below!


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