Keeping the Wheels Turning: Social Circle- By Boat, By Train, By Car, By Plane: Summer Traveling and Vacation Memories

One of our common activities is called “Social Circle.” Using reminiscing therapy and socialization, my residents can engage with each other and connect with their past.With school out for the summer and warmer temperatures upon us, I thought this was a good time to remember vacations we’ve taken throughout our lives.


  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
  2. Where have you traveled in the past? Which was your favorite? Why?
  3. What was the first vacation you went on?
  4. What is your favorite mode of travel? Discuss bus, car, boat, train, and other travel.
  5. What is your favorite or most memorable travel experience?
  6. What is your favorite part of travelling? What is your least favorite part?
  7. Tell us about your most embarrassing travelling experience.
  8. What is your favorite tourist attraction?
  9. What is your favorite “stay-cation”? Your favorite day trip?
  10. Who did you regularly travel with? Is there anyone you would never travel with again?

My residents also really love trivia and I usually start a discussion based activity with trivia to jumpstart the memories.

Taj Mahal India
Buckinghma Palace England
Eiffel Tower France
Sistine Chapel Italy
Great Barrier Reef Australia
Pyramids and Nile River Egypt
The Amazon River South America
North Pole Antarctica
The Alps Italy/ Switzerland/ Austria
Mt. Olympus Greece
The Great Wall China
Mt. Everest Nepal
The Kremlin Russia
Wailing Wall Israel
The Sahara Desert North Africa
The Alamo Texas
St. Augustine Florida
Grand Ole Opry Tennessee
Mount Rushmore South Dakota
Golden Gate Bridge California
Statue of Liberty New York
Las Vegas Nevada
Disney Worlds Florida
Yellowstone Wyoming
Liberty Bell Pennsylvania
The Smithsonian Washington DC
Bunker Hill Boston
The Gateway Arch St. Louis
The Ozarks Missouri
Mt. McKinley Alaska
Niagra Falls New York
Churchill Downs Kentucky
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Virginia
The Sears/ Willis Tower Illinois
Peal Harbor Hawaii

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