Baseball Party- Honoring Fathers with a Favorite Past Time

This Father’s Day, we decided to celebrate a favorite past time of many fathers everywhere- baseball. With red, white, blue, and baseball themed decorations, ballpark food, and a group baseball game, we celebrated all the fathers and families at our facility for an hour on a Friday afternoon.




We started with a simple balloon arch– fill balloons (here, I used 15, 5 of each color) with helium, then tie at regular intervals to a LONG string or ribbon. Then weight the ends (we used regular balloon weights) and let the arch float! Took all of 20 minutes to put together, and gave a MAJOR wow factor.


We decorated the room with balloons, baseball and foil decorations and baseball paper lanterns from a party store, and crepe paper.

Here you can sort of see how we set up the room– we pushed all dining tables to one side of the room, and set up chairs on the too long walls, then put tape on the floor to help staff line up wheelchairs in a “U” shape in front of those chairs. This left the center open for our game, and also for the impromptu dance party we had at the end!



We printed out tickets to hand out the morning of to build hype for the party and had someone at the door punching the tickets as residents came in. Edit and print your own here!



During the party, we served mini corn dogs, popcorn, baseball cookies, and beer and root beer (both alcoholic and non-). We started the party with “opening ceremonies”– the Star Spangled Banner, sung by activities staff (though a recording would be fine), and the first pitch, thrown out by a resident to our administrator.

Here is our group baseball game, which the residents would have kept playing all day: another super cheap and easy thing to make.


I used a tri-fold poster board with a pattern of brads pushed through (we use this for wheel of fortune and jeopardy, as well as other games, so it was already made) for our scoreboard and simply labeled each side and printed the numbers to pull off as they score (to print the Score Numbers to this size, print 2 to a page). The baseball field was made with a piece of poster board, paint, sharpie, and push pins, and the hat pieces are laminated clip art (blue, red) with a hole punched in the top.


The room is split into 2 teams based on sides of the room. Each team gets a die (we used giant foam dice). Optional: a team manager to pick up and pass around the die. Each team takes turns rolling the dice.

  1. single- move hat piece one base
  2. double- move hat piece two bases
  3. triple- move hat piece 3 bases
  4. home run- the team scores one point
  5. grand slam- the team scores 4 points
  6. strike out- skip a turn

Once a team scores, this ends the “inning” and both teams start back at home base.

We played 7 innings, then did the “Seventh Inning Stretch”! We had a resident lead the song, and everyone enjoyed singing along.


We ordered these hats on Amazon, and filled them with a tootsie POP, bubbles to POP, and POPcorn (Crackers Jacks) with a sign that says, “You’re the best, POP!” (edit and print your own tags here)– I didn’t get a picture of these, but they turned out super cute! Each male resident that came got a favor to take with them.




Our activity department! We all had a BLAST!!! From left: our semester intern, me (Life Enrichment Coordinator for the Health Center),  Life Enrichment Coordinator for the Memory Units, Life Enrichment Director, and Life Enrichment Coordinator for the Resident Care Facility.

Ramsey Village Park Sign

Rockets _ Rangers Signs


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