January Craft Roundup

Winter is a great time for crafts- getting outside can be difficult or dangerous, and sitting inside all day can make residents depressed or despondent. Crafts are a great way to keep residents busy, get those creative juices flowing, and brighten up surroundings with things residents are often proud to show off. What crafts will you be doing with your residents?

January crafts.jpg

Bubble Wrap Snowy Tree   –   Snowy Pine Trees   –   Paper Birds   –   Puffy Snow Paint  
Paper Penguins   –   Winter Owls   –   Van Gogh Inspired Art Work
Build A Snowman   –   Snow Globes   –   Snowflake Weaving   –   Cheerio Bird Feeders
“Snow” Catchers   –   Winter/Spring Door Decorations   –   Snowman Canvas   –   Paper Daffodils


(I’ve done my best to link the original tutorial for each craft– if there is no link, there is no tutorial or the page has been taken down.)
Snowy Pine Trees – Instead of columns, we’ll put our trees on a sheet of blue construction paper.
Paper Birds – We’ll be using bright red and dark red paper circles and a small bit of black fluff to make winter cardinals.
 Winter Owls – Instructions are in German. We will be making these 2D, rather than 3D tubes, will be making them all white, and will be putting a feather on each side for wings.
Van Gogh Inspired Art Work – Each resident will draw their own snowflakes on a blue square of dark blue paper, then we’ll piece it together to make a snow scene, similar to the vase of flowers.
Snowflake Weaving  – Using dark blue cardboard (painted), and white string, we’ll use 6 slots around the circle to weave snowflakes rather than stars.
Winter/Spring Door Decorations  – We’ll place the letters on a rectangle of foam board to make it double sided. In May, we’ll make Summer/ Autumn ones
Snowman Canvas  – Inspired by this etsy item (available for purchase through the link), we’ll paint this simple snowman scene on a small canvas panel. I am not affiliated with the etsy shop in any way.
Paper Daffodils – Using paper and egg cartons, we’ll crate these daffodils in yellow on yellow, yellow on white, and white on white.

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