Activities Printable Coloring Books
Activities Oriental Trading- Large Hole Beading Supplies
Activities Pen Pal Address List
Activities Slide Share
Bulletin Board Printable Lettering Sets
Bulletin Board Daily Jokes
Bulletin Board Trivia Café
Calendar Re-Creative Resources, Inc.- Calendars
Calendar Re-Creative Resources, Inc.- Programming
Calendar Google Calendar
Calendar Weekly Calendar Printable
Calendar Monthly At-a-Glance Printable
Calendar Printable Calendars
Calendar Passion Planner
Calendar Free Clipart (transparent background)
Calendar Miss Kate Cuttables- clipart
Conversation Conversation/ Journal Prompts
Conversation Conversation Starters
Editing PDF to JPG Converter
Editing Pixlr Editor
Editing Rasterizer- print large images on multiple sheets
Editing befunky Photo Editor
Editing Pic Monkey
Education University of Tasmania- MOOC
Education Exercise Etc. Inc.
Education AEA- Arthritis Wellness
Exercises Calorie Bee
Exercises Latin Chair Salsa
Exercises Zumba Gold
Facebook Iowa Assisted Living Activities
Facebook Paige Thompson LEC
Facebook Assisted Living Activitiy Resources
Facebook Activity Directors**
Facebook Activities for Seniors
Facebook Assisted Living Professiionals
Facebook Activity Leadership fori Seniors
Facebook Official NCCAP
Facebook Therapeutic Recreation iDirectory on Facebook
Facebook Activity Professionals netiworking group
Facebook National Association of Acitivity Professionals Members
Facebook Daily Topics for Reminiscing and Discussion
Facebook One to One Activities for Older Adults
Facebook Recreation/Activity Professionals –RAP
Facebook What Do I Do with My Rehab Patients?
Facebook Assisted Living – Activities and More
Facebook Therapeutic Activities in a Hospice or Palliative Care Setting
Facebook Adult Day Services – Meaningful Activities
Facebook Meaningful Activities for Persons with a Dementia
Facebook Activities Calendar Exchange – ACE
Facebook Activity Directors Resources ADR
Facebook Daily Tips for Recreation/Activity Professionals
Facebook Mindfulness Now
Facebook Did You Know?
Facebook Activities Directors – Pen Pals Exchange
Facebook Quotes for Activity Directors
Facebook Resident Council – Sharing Ideas That Work
Facebook Activity Directors Sharing Photos
Facebook Be Fit – Body, Mind and Spirit
Games/ Puzzles Jokes and Riddles
Games/ Puzzles Crossword Creator
Games/ Puzzles Word Scramble Creator
Games/ Puzzles Word Plexers
Games/ Puzzles Worksheet Works
Games/ Puzzles Word BINGO Card Creator
Games/ Puzzles Rebus Puzzles
Games/ Puzzles Brain Bashers
Games/ Puzzles Crossword Puzzles
Games/ Puzzles Word Search Creator
Games/ Puzzles Picture BINGO Card Creator
Games/ Puzzles Crossword Creator
Games/ Puzzles Picture BINGO Card Creator
Games/ Puzzles Daily Crosswords
General Resources Activity Director Today
General Resources Activity Department
General Resources Activity Connection
General Resources not just bingo
General Resources The Activity directors Office
General Resources Activitiy Directors Network
General Resources Enchanted Learning
General Resources Teaching Heart
General Resources not just bingo Blog
General Resources ABC Teach
General Resources Eldersong Blog
General Resources Daily Infographic
General Resources Nursing Home Activities Resource
General Resources Elderly Activities
General Resources Teachers Pay Teachers
General Resources Homeschool Patriot- American History
General Resources Creative Social Worker- Therapy Ideas
General Resources DLTK
General Resources Activity Express
General Resources
General Resources Sort It Apps- organize books and movies
Ideas Grand Box
Ideas Pinterest- The Memory Unit
Ideas Men Only activities
Products Izzit
Products Oriental Trading

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