January Craft Roundup

Winter is a great time for crafts- getting outside can be difficult or dangerous, and sitting inside all day can make residents depressed or despondent. Crafts are a great way to keep residents busy, get those creative juices flowing, and brighten up surroundings with things residents are often proud to show off. What crafts will you be doing with your residents? … More January Craft Roundup

“Ramsey University”- Classes for Nursing Facility Residents?

At an activities conference a few months ago, my director, a colleague, and I had this weird idea… What if we brought “classes” to the residents of our facility? Starting July 11th, we began an 8-week experiment, bringing activities in a class-like format to our residents. This first course, we offered Music Appreciation, Visual Art, Creative Writing, and Cooking and Baking. … More “Ramsey University”- Classes for Nursing Facility Residents?

Baseball Party- Honoring Fathers with a Favorite Past Time

This Father’s Day, we decided to celebrate a favorite past time of many fathers everywhere- baseball. With red, white, blue, and baseball themed decorations, ballpark food, and a group baseball game, we celebrated all the fathers and families at our facility for an hour on a Friday afternoon. … More Baseball Party- Honoring Fathers with a Favorite Past Time

Daily Announcements/ Bulletin Board

At all of the facilities I’ve visited so far, they had some system for making sure the residents, staff, and family members knew what was going on that day, and many had extra information that gave new information to the residents or entertained them. I’ve seen several ways to do this: a screen playing a powerpoint, a bulletin board updated daily, monthly or weekly calendars placed throughout the facility, signs on dining or lounge tables, and flyers passed individually to residents in their rooms. … More Daily Announcements/ Bulletin Board